About Fusion Yoga…

Fusion Yoga unites Sattva Yoga and awakening live sound in the most unique yoga venues around London. Side effects include goose bumps and strong surges of positive energy.

What is Sattva Yoga?

Sattva (pronounced Satt*wa) is way more than the physical practice of yoga; it’s a union of many different yogic paths. Asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra and free movement unite to create a transcendental experience known as a Sattva Yoga Journey. Discover more about Sattva Yoga here.

Who is Fusion Yoga for?

Fusion Yoga events are welcoming to all levels, from those who’ve been practicing for years to those who are just beginning to experience the benefits of yoga. Don’t think you’re flexible enough? That’s exactly why you should come along. Whatever stage you’re at, you can expect to be swept away into a fully immersive experience of movement and sound.  

Who will lead the practice?

Caleb Jude Packham, The Wellness Warrior, will guide you through an uplifting, invigorating and magical yoga journey. This is no gimmicky reinvention of the wheel. This is yoga stripped back to its true essence, set to the perfect soundtrack, in unique locations.